Thursday, December 27, 2012

In Hindsight

Looking back I see that I met my challenge ... not by purging 25 items for 20 consecutive days, but 500 (and possible more) none the less!

Releasing a stack of boxes with homeschooling curriculum was remarkably easy to do. I tried to give them away (asking only for donations to benefit a homeless family) via Facebook, Craig's List and through a homeschool community email loop ... but had no takers. It was a pleasure to donate the items to Covenant Homeschool Resource Center.

I got rid of the two LARGE boxes inside our front door that I used to fill with donations as I purged.

My husband patched a hole (he had cut) in the ceiling of the closet in my office/craft room/library so that I could utilize the closet for storing some things ... woo hoo!

As I packed up household decor to put away as we put out Christmas decorations, I thought to myself that I could get rid of some of the items. Also, as I looked at the Christmas decor and noticed things that we did not use (and probably hadn't used the year before), I was able to give some of those items away.

I'm making progress and that's what counts. I'm pleased.

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